About Us

My name is Zach Halpern and I started Frozen Guru in 2009 because I wanted to see health food in the frozen food aisle. I would look for low glycemic convenience foods, but without fail, I would find myself with an empty shopping cart.

I love on-the-go food as much as the next guy but currently, “on-the-go” and “low glycemic” or “diabetic-friendly” can’t be used in the same sentence.  I decided to do everything in my power to change that reality by creating truly healthful on-the-go products.

My dream is to create health food that I would happily feed to my family.  I want to create products that we could proudly serve to school children, setting them down the right nutritional path from the beginning.  I want to create a line of frozen products that is the “go to” food for diabetics, celiacs, children, athletes, and even foodies…  With my dreams set, it just took a little encouragement from my loving wife Jayme, a little money and support from our Chief Financial Guru, Jeremy Cohen, and then a little more money from our families before we set out to do something totally unique:  To create a line of flour-free waffles that taste amazing and are far superior nutritionally to every other frozen waffle.  Period.

Oh, did I mention that our waffles are so tasty and sweet that no syrup or honey is needed?  Frozen Guru waffles are naturally sweetened with a combination of fruit and stevia leaf extract… we don’t add any rising agents, preservatives, yeast, sugar, sodium, oil or even eggs.  Here is a picture of us making the healthiest waffles on the planet…